Providing Support

Whether you run a small business or are part of a global public organisation, everybody needs support sometimes.

Director Cover

Short- and medium-term director cover, helping fill in during parental leave, illness, and vacation. The Awesome Consultant keeps the ship running per your requirements while you take a well-deserved break. Particular expertise in marketing and PR, corporate governance and compliance (ISO 9000), HR and training.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Auditing accessibility and inclusivity, providing specific advice for improvement. More voices makes for more data, leading to better solutions and stronger businesses.

Conflict resolution and creativity coaching

Workplace mediation and conflict management training, and creativity coaching for leaders. Learn to envisage new possibilities and then plan how to get there.

IT Projects and Strategy

PMBOK certified project management. Website development projects, SharePoint, Office365 roll-out and support; migrations; learning management systems and CRMs. ITIL and ISO 27001. The Awesome Consultant rescues projects that have fallen by the wayside.


Whether you need someone to assist with compliance, with motivating staff, with reams of unreadable text, or simply need to push some projects through, then the Awesome Consultant is here to help.

Who is the Awesome Consultant?

Laura May, PhD, is a professional consultant, with twenty years’ experience in public and private sector settings. She has worked in Australia, the United Kingdom, Russia and Belgium—though don’t think she’s stopping just yet. Her key professional skills are leadership, conflict resolution, project management, corporate strategy and governance, IT, technical writing, community engagement—and overwhelming modesty. Feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn.

Why choose the AC?

The AC is different to other consultants: rather than paying a huge firm huge sums for its templates, you receive highly personalised and dynamic service. No project is too small, and no workplace issue too insignificant to address.
Laura works under the assumption that both the business and its employees are vitally important, and her solutions therefore ensure business compliance and promotion, while taking employee satisfaction and internal business relations into account. If you want a service that helps you and your business, the Awesome Consultant is for you.




In which some of your most burning questions are answered.

Where are you?

I’m an Australian presently located in Brussels, Belgium, and am available for online assignments. I can also assist with advice over Skype, Zoom, or your preferred video conferencing software.

Why is it called ‘the Awesome Consultant’?

Because ‘professional’ and ‘quality’ don’t have to be synonymous with ‘boring’.

How can I get in touch?

Use the enquiry form found below, or simply send through an email to


Can’t wait to start working together? Send your enquiry through now. Make sure to include an idea of what you need done, and by when.

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